Welcome to the Website for James M. Anderson & Associates, Inc.  We are a Professional Land Surveying Company, offering a multitude of Surveying Services.  The company was founded in 1979 by James (Jim) M. Anderson.  Mr. Anderson graduated from Southern Tech in Marietta, GA. in 1975 with a BCET (Surveying option).  He served the beginning of his apprentice training in rural Georgia doing primarily large boundary retracement surveys and estate division surveys.  Around 1977 he worked in the Metropolitan Atlanta area gaining experience in subdivision design, layout and construction.  He also gained experience working on commercial surveys, home mortgage surveys and topographic and utility surveys.  In 1978 Mr. Anderson was licensed in Georgia as RLS #2113 and also passed the EIT Exam.  In 1979 Mr. Anderson formed the surveying company of James M. Anderson & Associates, with its business office in Statesboro, Georgia.  The company started small and did mostly boundary surveys and some small subdivisions.  Mr. Anderson was licensed as RLS #9213 in South Carolina in 1982.  The company has now expanded into most all types of surveying services, and has now been serving approximately a 150 mile radius around Statesboro, for 32 years.  The company is capable of equipping and manning up to three crews.  We have built our business around honesty, good service and professionalism.  Mr. Anderson will be president of the Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia for 2011-2013 and was named surveyor of the year by the Surveying and Mapping Society of Georgia in 2007.  Whether you are an attorney, architect, developer, contractor, or landowner, we look forward to serving you.